About Us

Our Core Values

Arya Athleisure exists to design premium athleisure that feels great on the body, and even better on the soul.

  • We believe those who take good care of themselves can take better care of their communities.

  • We believe the journey of self-improvement can shape the world into a better place.

  • We believe in you, and we thank you for believing in us. Most importantly, we believe that together we can do great things.

Our Commitment

We know that community is a big part of wellness, and we are here to help you reach your goals - just as our communities have helped us. We know that the whole is greater than its parts, and that when we work to lift up each other - we all rise. That's why our premium athleisure is fairly priced, and we pay fair wages to our workers. We also donate 100% of proceeds from every sale to charities that are doing the work to strengthen our communities. That's Arya's promise: fit for good.

Our Story

We are a Chicago-based startup founded in early 2020. We know that fitness and wellness is a journey - and often, a very dark and difficult journey. It's not easy to make lasting change, and it requires the support of trusted community. Since we ourselves committed to healthy lifestyle changes only a few years ago and discovered how the ripple effects can benefit your whole life, we wanted to find a way to have a greater impact and give back to give our communities that same gift. Coupled with our passion for fashion, fitness and self care, Arya Athleisure was born.

As cool as it would be to make a huge brand out of this venture, our founders are content with their current lifestyle and are just genuinely trying to see if they can help their communities become their best selves. As one of our founders, Ben likes to say: "we don't want to be millionaires; we're fine being thousandaires."