Wholesale Flowers Tee
For Breast Cancer

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😍 Designed to be a one of a kind piece.   
🍒 Organic, super soft French Cotton fabric  
💔 In loving memory of Zakia, we will always love you!
🚨 Comes with a hidden message. If you find it, dm us a picture for a chance to win a cool prize



    📐 Size : S
    📏 Height : 5'9"
    🪝 Bust: 34, Waist: 26, Hips: 37

    How to Style

    The Arya Concierge app (Beta) suggests:

    ⏳ For optimal comfort on the couch pair with the OG II leggings  
    🌇 Urban stylish look with any color of the Brooklyn Joggers 
    👟 Badass athlete look with Queen's shorts 


    Why We Made This:

    🔑 Zakia's Flowers Tee is our tribute to all the great women of this world, who are fighting breast cancer. We love you all!
    ✅ Voted best suited for stunning looks
    💤 It's a T-shirt. So yeah, it's great for napping!