Wholesale Yayo Leggings

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💪 Designed for anything from couch lounging to training 
✂️ Seamless Bel-Air™ Fabric 
🍒 High Waist 
♻️ Made from 100% recycled materials
💢 4-Way Stretch & Sweat Wicking


    📐 Size : M
    📏 Height : 5'9"
    🪝 Bust: 32, Waist: 24, Hips: 34

    How to Style

    The Arya Concierge app (Beta) suggests:

    ⏳ For optimal comfort on the couch pair with the RBG Sweater in White 
    🌇 Urban stylish look with the Arcadia Bra in White or Zakia's flowers Tees
    👟 Badass athlete with the matching Yayo Crop



    Why We Made This:

    🔑 The Yayo leggings are the gold standard of the all-terrain pants that you can take anywhere from the couch to the gym and back to the couch... and just like everything we have ever made, they can be worn multiple times a week
    ✅ Voted best-suited for stylish Brunch looks
    💤 Comfortable enough to nap in